Sunday, September 16, 2012

A finished "A Very Braidy Cowl"

Completed Cowl!

September 16, 2012:  Yesterday was a busy day!  Celebrating my little boy's birthday with families and friends.  It was so much fun.  However, I had to remind myself that I did everything for my family and friends.  So today, I finally finished that knitting project I started awhile back.. "A Very Braidy Cowl"  I am so proud that I got it done!  It took a lot of unraveling or "tink"-ing as the hard core knitters call it. But I finally did it!  I have a pretty purple cowl to wear this winter which is something I've never done. I've knitted before but I've never down knitting with cable.  I feel refreshed and ready to start a long week at work and being a mom and wife during my off time.  I am definitely ready!  Looking forward to the next weekend and wonder what I should work on next or at least finish.

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