Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

My first Halloween Tree as an Adult!

October 31, 2012:

I love Halloween.  I've always loved the spirit of it.  Getting dressed up in creative costumes and trick or treating for candy.  My mom did create us a Halloween Tree, and she was creative with our costumes.  One year, my sister, brother, and I went as the 3 blind mice.  We wore sunglasses, had a mouse costume on and our tail was bandaged.  Totally cool!  When I got older, trick or treating was still a big deal, but it would be followed by Halloween Movies!  Once I became an adult, I grieved for awhile because it wasn't quite right to go trick or treating and I was in an apartment in a far out of the way place that no one came to for candy.  My husband and I finally bought our first house and 4 months later, I was so excited to discover that we lived in Trick or Treaters Heaven.  This year was especially special because my son will be 14 months tomorrow and he got to go trick or treating in his lion costume... collecting candy for his parents.  It was great.  This year, I finally found some time to create a halloween tree.  it is not much since I ran out of time, but I used Chinese Lanterns that I had grown in my yard and dried.  Scrap fabric for bows,  Branches from the last storm, paper for ghosts.  Not bad for a beginner.  My only regret was, I didn't have strong enough branches to put my orange lights on the tree, but I learned something new for next year.  Hopefully I will have orange lights next year.  

Of course, I have to spoil the kids in my family and my friends kids.  I made them "poop" bags (Ghost poop, Pumpkin poop, and Bat Poop).  I saw the idea on Pinterest and just had to do it.  I used Marshmallow  Candy Corn and Raisins.  The kids got a good laugh.  On to the next holiday!

Silly treats for the kids

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