Monday, July 16, 2012

A Very Braidy Cowl

July 16, 2012-  Sometimes it is just too hot or too tiring to do anything.  Too hot to cook and too tired to do a big project.  Often,  it is just nice to hide in the basement and flick on the tv while my little sweetie sleeps and the man of the house is off playing video games.  I didn't want to just sit and watch tv because my hands needs to be busy and my brain needs some kind of simulation.  My mom gave me a lot of knitting patterns and I picked something out.  So, I am knitting something challenging and a project that does not make me so hot.  It is a cowl for this winter.  Quite challenging because I've never done cable before or even try to count.  I notice that if I stop paying attention, I lose count and lose many minutes trying to figure out where I am.  Definitely simulating for my brain.  I am so close to completing it and I will own my first cowl this fall.  How exciting is that?  

I was able to find what looks like a similar patter and it is designed by Maryse Roudier.
Click here for the patter... pattern here

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